Mak­ing Your Project Your Own

“Floors and light­ing define a room.
Hard­wood Tech­nol­ogy cre­ates indi­vid­ual,
endur­ing floor­ing solu­tions – set­ting the
scene before a sin­gle piece of
fur­ni­ture is

Hard­wood Tech­nol­ogy is a lead­ing provider of sports floor­ing in New Zealand, with over 180 gym­na­sium floors to its credit. Junck­ers means
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With mil­lions of Junck­ers res­i­den­tial floor­ing laid around the world, Hard­wood Tech­nol­ogy offers what every archi­tect
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Hard­wood Tech­nol­ogy is the New Zealand sole agent for inter­na­tional sur­fac­ing com­pany Rebound Ace. Two out­door sports sur­face
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