Hard­wood recently com­pleted one of its most tech­ni­cally com­plex con­tracts, the instal­la­tion of 1928 seats at the brand new ASB sta­dium in Welling­ton. The con­tract involved the instal­la­tion of one recessed retractable seat­ing unit able to seat 1108 peo­ple and 10 mobile retractable seat­ing units each able to seat 82 people.

Case Studies
The recessed retractable seat­ing unit was tech­ni­cally very dif­fi­cult to design and install and involved fea­tures that had never been used on any Audi­ence Sys­tems retractable seat­ing. With very strin­gent require­ments from the cus­tomer Hard­wood along with Audi­ence Sys­tems had to come up with inno­v­a­tive ways to incor­po­rate the seat­ing unit with the stadium.

Hard­wood and Audi­ence Sys­tems had to design a retractable seat­ing sys­tem that when in the closed posi­tion would have to sit in between large struc­turally impor­tant columns. How­ever when the sys­tem was open the tiers had to be one con­tin­u­ous tier the whole length of the unit. In order to achieve these require­ments a very inno­v­a­tive flap over sys­tem had to be designed. The flaps where used to fill in the gap that was required to allow the unit to retract and sit between the columns. The retractable seat­ing unit also had to meet very strin­gent earth­quake require­ments. Audi­ence Sys­tems very well designed and man­u­fac­tured sys­tem was able to meet and exceed all earth­quake requirements.

Not only was the retractable seat­ing unit dif­fi­cult to design but also a very dif­fi­cult instal­la­tion. The gap between the columns and the retractable seat­ing was only 50mm either side. Requir­ing the install team to take spe­cial care to build the 20 row high 34m long unit in the cor­rect posi­tion with very tight work­ing tol­er­ances. The instal­la­tion took place in an already com­pleted sta­dium which was being used daily by the pub­lic. This required us to be very vig­i­lant with our site cor­don and to min­imise any haz­ards to the pub­lic. The instal­la­tion also took place on a brand new Hard­wood Tech floor that the instal­la­tion team had to be very care­ful not to dam­age and required a layer of polyurethane plas­tic and 6mm cus­tom wood cov­er­ing the entire instal­la­tion area in order to pro­tect the floor.